How to register?

  1. 請查看課程列表,針對有興趣的課程填寫報價表單,TSC會盡快向您報價
    Please fill the form about courses you're interested in, we will reply you the price via email soon.
  2. 價錢將會因應匯率做調整。
    Price will be changed as exchange rate.
  3. 確定接受報價,並且要報名之後,請填寫報名表
    If you accept the price and confirm to register, please fill out the registration form.
  4. TSC將會盡快回覆您付款的方式,並統一向NavAtHome報名與付款
    TSC will email payment information.
  5. 報名時請先閱讀NavAtHome條款,同意才可報名
    Please read and accept Navathome Terms & Conditions before you register.
  6. 試用期為14天,教材需保持全新狀態才可退還
    Trial period will be 14 days, all materials have to be undamaged to return and refund.
  7. 報名後可使用3個月,若須延長請提前告知TSC,且延長費用為£30
    You have access to the course for 3 months after you register, to extend please let us know in advanced, an admin fee of £30 is charged for each time the course is extended.


Notification - Personal Data

為了讓線上課程開通,Taipei Sailing Centre將會需藉由www.navathome.com分享你的資料給Navathome。訓練網站與資料庫會保存在受保護的伺服器。Navathome是RYA專精於線上航海課程的訓練中心,除了讓您使用課程以外,Navathome將不會因任何原因使用您的個人資料。
To enable access to your online course we, Taipei Sailing Centre, need to share some of your personal data with Navathome via This training website and database is held and maintained on a secure server. Navathome is an RYA training centre which specialises in online navigation training and will not use your personal information for any reason other than enabling your course.


Therefore, All Clients’ Personal Data

  1. 由Taipei Sailing Centre所取,將只會用於使客戶登入Navathome系統,而且不會有其他用途。
    collected by “Taipei Sailing Centre” will only be used for the purpose of logging them into the Navathome system and will be not used for other party.
  2. 由Taipei Sailing Centre所取,一旦客戶已經登入系統後,將不會被儲存與持有。
    collected by “Taipei Sailing Centre” will not be stored or retained once the Clients have been logged into the system.
  3. Taipei Sailing Centre所需,只會用於幫助客戶建立屬於他們自己新的使用者帳號。需要的資訊如下:姓與名、電子郵件地址、電話號碼、郵寄地址。
    would be the information, which Taipei Sailing Centre requires, only used to help Clients create their own new user’s account. The required information is listed as below: first name and surname, email address, telephone number, and postal address.
  4. 有關Navathome如何使用您個人資料的細節,請詳閱Navathome條款
    Full details of how Navathome will deal with your personal information is given in the Navathome terms and conditions.