Taipei Sailing Centre


How can you miss the best opportunity to be in touch with the Beautiful Ocean?
sea gives us the best only when the one has been well prepared for!

Best Education ​

Taipei Sailing Centre offers the member the best learning environment and education system to help them, step by step, challenge themselves in their future sailing.
Furthermore, Taipei Sailing Centre would help member get their Certificate.

Professional Instructors

Cooperated with Navathome, Taipei Sailing Centre have the RYA Certified Instructors as Online Theory Instructor who can give the most professional responses for each student's special needs.

Royal Yachting Association

Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the national governing body for certain watersports in the United Kingdom, founded in 1875, and the initial purpose was to standardise the rules of measurement to different racing yachts, so that boats of different classes could compete fairly against each other.

what Taipei Sailing Centre offers?

Study Group

We would regularly hold the study group, which helps people gather together to discuss the Navigation Theory.


Taipei Sailing Centre irregularly invite people who enjoys sailing, and share the experience and ideas with people.

Practical Training

We provides the practical training for members to gain more experience, and help them build their sea milestones.

Information meeting

We would hold information meeting to help those who wants to join us know more about the education system we provide.

Where Are we?

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